Ubiquitous Ambiguity - By: Shaun Fox

An observation can be said to consist of three parts:
The observer, the observed, and the act of observation.
An observation in the absense of everything might be something like a reflection, or a dream...Or perhaps just a word.

For your consideration, this site includes several examples of my work with various methods of creative development, and my understanding of various technologies.

Please contact me directly at Mr.Shaun.Fox@gmail.com for any inquiries. I am currently available for remote consultations and contract work in the areas of web & mobile software development, music production, and graphic design.
Trap-Door Layout - Promotional Image

'Trap-Door' Template

Website Template

Project Code

Full-screen, mobile friendly website template with CSS-driven animation which creates a unique layered effect during navigation.

Red Curtain Template - Promotional Image

'Red Curtain' Template

Website Template

View Example

Full-screen, mobile friendly website template using only CSS to achieve an interesting effect.

Alkimi - Promotional Image


Music Production

Production Samples

Original compositions, live performances, and film scoring. Original music for film and advertising in multiple musical genres including Classical, Heavy Metal, House, and DubStep.

CrewEyes - Promotional Image


Business Management Software

Project Website

Business management system with mobile timeclock, timecards, inventory tracking, training & maintenance tracking, OSHA log generators, and more.

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Send all official correspondence to Mr.Shaun.Fox@gmail.com